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Our model takes an holistic approach toward planning. Our professionals develop a unique relationship with each of our clients in which we review financial philosophy, risk tolerance, long term objectives and goals, and most importantly assist in achieving implementation.

In the initial stages of the client relationship we prepare a comprehensive Wealth Management Plan. We review and evaluate the progress towards the long term goals on a regular basis in areas including investment advisory, stock option, estate planning, generational planning and other acute, pertinent perspectives. The overall plan is updated on an annual basis or as needed when circumstances arise. Again, each situation is unique, so we adjust the plans for the actual experience of the portfolio, changes in tax laws and changes within the family structure. Our plans are a live and responsive process that we amended whenever there are significant changes in the family’s financial situation.

Our Comprehensive Service Areas include:

Cash Flow/Retirement Planning:

  • Current cash-flow analysis
  • Education funding
  • Long-term wealth accumulation strategies
  • After-tax retirement income analysis
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • IRA and savings plan distributions

Investment Planning:

  • Asset allocation review and commentary
  • Construction of family Investment Objectives
  • Implementation of investment strategy
  • Clarification and investment fee minimization
  • Performance reporting

Insurance Coverage:

  • Life Insurance Review
  • Homeowner’s and Casualty
  • Long Term Care and Health Insurance Review
  • Excess Liability Coverage Options
  • Review Ownership and Beneficiary Designations

Estate Planning:

  • Review objectives, assist attorney in designing estate plan
  • Effective, integrated testamentary documents
  • Durable and Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Tax-effective wealth transmission strategies
  • Prepare and review estate tax balance sheets and expense forecast
  • Diagram estate distributions
  • Cash-flow projections for surviving family
  • Coordination of asset ownership and beneficiary designations

Tax Planning Strategies:

  • Income tax planning and projections
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Estimated tax analysis
  • Year end tax projections to take advantage of annual available deductions
  • Provide annual tax information to CPA, coordinate tax filing process